• Dual Zone Bushing

    For Precise Temperature Control

    This Dual Zone Hot Sprue Bushing has been carefully designed for applications that demand a higher degree of temperature uniformity.


    Anti-Drool Sprue Bar Device
  • Better Control

    With One Piece Nozzle Design

    MDi’s internally heated Power Point® Nozzles prevent leakage while providing a uniform heat profile.


    Internally Heated PP Nozzles
  • Protect

    Your Hot Runner System

    MDi’s Dual Stage Filter Device avoids clogging and damage caused by the accidental introduction of metal into the injection molding machine.


    Dual Stage Filter Device
  • More Cost Savings

    Less Material Waste

    Our Anti-Drool Sprue Bar Device stops material drool with our patented machine nozzle tip.


    Anti-Drool Sprue Bar Device

Hot Runner

MDi systems are built to customer’s specifications. They are maintenance friendly and built to prevent system-wide leakage.

Valve Gate

MDi Valve Gate systems, multi-gate and single-cavity, are built maintenance-friendly with our advanced “any valve pin in any location” feature.

Sprue Device

MDi’s patented Anti-Drool Sprue Bar device will eliminate drooling and costly material cleanup. It is compact and easy to install.

Dual Stage
Filter Device

During injection the melt is filtered and homogenized in two stages. Decompression occurs with virtually “zero” pressure drop.

Importance of Hot Runner Systems

One of the most critical components, in developing a mold to produce an injection molded part, is the melt delivery system. According to American Mold Builders Association, Hot runner (runnerless) systems are seeing more demand in today’s high-speed, high-volume molding operations due to higher material prices, a need to reduce cycle time, reduce scrap rates, and increase overall productivity and costs to manufacture, as compared to a “cold runner” system. At MDI we recognize the importance of hot runners and we offer high quality, high performance systems that are durable, dependable, competitively priced and feature MDi’s innovative nozzle and manifold technology.

Hot Runner Systems - Hot Halves Made in U.S.A.

MDi is a world-leading American manufacturer of Hot Runner Systems and components with the capability to develop custom and innovative solutions for plastics Injection Molding. Established in 1984, MDi continues to offer experience in the design and manufacturing of complete, internally heated and balanced precision Hot Runner Systems, Valve Gate Systems, Sprue Bushings, Molding Machine Nozzles, Filter Nozzles, and MDi’s unique system components and controls. All of our components are in-house designed and manufactured at our facility in St. Charles, IL, with a focus on quality and reliability.

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