Dual Zone Bushing

For Precise Temperature Control

A robust and internally heated hot sprue bushing with 2 zones provides the customers with ultimate temperature control and uniformity. This bushing has been meticulously designed for applications that demand a higher precision specially catering to the automotive industry. The Tip temperature and the head temperature can be set separately making it easy to control the overall uniformity.

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Save More Money

Almost NO Wastage

MDI’s newest product, Machine Nozzle Shut off Device is designed to drastically reduce drooling when the machine nozzle is disengaged from the hot runner intake nozzle in each cycle. This device can be beneficial when used on machines running stack molds or on machines with horizontal injection and vertical clamps (insert molding)

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Better Control

With One Piece Nozzle Design

MDi’s internally heated Power Point® nozzles are machined from a single piece of H-13 steel, eliminating the stresses and leakage that can occur with multiple-piece nozzle body constructions. MDi’s exclusive design prevents nozzle leakage while it provides a uniform heat profile. It has dual seals to completely eliminate the possibility of a leak inside the hot runner and gives you virtually no down time.

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Your Hot Runner System

The unique design allows for two separate melt pathways: one path during injection, where the melt is filtered in two stages and homogenized through a series of decreasing-in-size grooves and decompression stage and most importantly, easy cleanup.

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More Cost Savings

Less Material Waste

When a mold opens, the material often “drools” out due to pressure in the system. This could account for a tremendous amount of material lost over time, which can be costly, especially in high production tools. Use of the Anti-Drool Sprue Bar Device results in a more sustainable, cleaner and lower maintenance system reducing downtime due to clean-up.

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