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Hot Runner Systems

A hot runner system delivers molten plastic into the mold cavities to create a plastic part. It is an injection molding assembly that uses a heated manifold to keep plastic in a molten state. The heated plastic travels from the molding machine nozzle through internal channels called runners and can be delivered directly into multiple cavities at the same time.

As in most manufacturing processes, Hot Runner System technology is constantly changing. Whether you need a standard system or require a customized model, we design and manufacture the system to meet your changing requirements.

All systems are pre-wired, fully assembled, and tested prior to delivery.

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What We Offer:

  • Hot Runner systems components or completely pre-wired and tested assemblies
  • Fully enclosed balanced manifolds to insure consistent flow conditions for all manifold exit ports
  • Systems with failure resistant internally heated nozzles for increased molding uptime
  • Easy to clean or change color by purging open mold
  • Constructed from hardened tool steel for better heat response
  • Evenly heated systems ensure that the melt flow is always balanced
  • Internal wiring for maximum protection
  • Water cooled plates
  • Double-ended guide pins included to protect components from clamp plate installation and misalignment

What Molders and Moldmakers Need:

  • Homogeneous distribution of the melt
  • Optimization of the thermal profile of the production mold
  • Consistency in material flow and fill from part to part
  • Rheologically and thermally balanced manifolds that combine robust components
  • Dependent nozzles that reduce maintenance time and costs

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