Back-to-back valve gate systems

Valve Gate Stack System
Valve Gate Stack systems double the capacity without having to increase injection machine tonnage. Built with an exclusive adjustable valve pin and advanced “any valve pin in any location” feature making valve pin adjustment or replacement easier. Our valve pin extractor tool removes the entire piston assembly as one piece eliminating the need to re-set the pin during reassembly. Fast and easy maintenance of all O-rings, and debris catch zone.

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Product Features

  • Interchangeable valve pins: “any valve pin in any location”
  • Pins, pistons, and seals are accessible without having to split the plates
  • Pneumatically controlled pins
  • Compact stack height
  • 4 plate assembly
  • Evenly heated system with enclosed manifold for balance melt flow
  • Internal wiring for maximum protection
  • Water cooled plates

Product Benefits

  • Lower maintenance
  • Reduced down-time
  • Easier replacement and/or adjustment of valve pin
  • Improved production times
  • Reduced frozen-in stress, without any sprue and no visible defects
  • Consistent shot-to-shot repeatability
  • Pneumatically controlled pins – no oils needed
  • Faster cycle times
  • Better part quality due to automatic mold operation
Typically used in Automotive, Caps & Closures, Consumer Products, and Packaging applications.

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