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Anti-Drool Sprue Bar Device
Our patented Anti-Drool Sprue Bar Device offers a positive shut-off in a compact assembly that was originally designed for stack molds and can be retrofitted to competitor’s non-functioning sprue bar device. With no external moving parts, the Anti-Drool Sprue Bar Device allows for decompression of the Hot Runner system and stops gate drooling/material waste. When the mold opens, material often “drools” out due to pressure in the system. Material lost over time can be costly, especially in high production tools. Use of the Anti-Drool Sprue Bar Device results in a more sustainable, cleaner, and lower maintenance system reducing downtime and cleanup costs.
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Product Features

  • No internal springs or components to contaminate or break
  • Anti-Drool technology is located between the machine nozzle and sprue bar, which will keep molds running
  • No material waste equals more cost savings
  • This device can also be used on hot runner systems running on horizontal injection presses with a vertical clamp
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Can be designed to retrofit on existing, non-working systems

Product Benefits

  • No messy cleanups needed
  • Flawless functionality
  • Less waste which saves money

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