One-piece manifold to produce multi-color or multi-material parts

Multi-Material Systems
Multi-material Hot Runner systems are comprised of dynamically balanced manifolds that allow different materials to flow through them to produce the final product. The individual parts are often components of a larger technical part that is assembled post-molding. With custom designed flow channels that provide optimum flow conditions throughout the manifold, the multi-material Hot Runner systems deliver control of the gates and injection process. Typically used in the automotive industry to eliminate complex assembly procedures. Many industries have adopted this system for components molded with more than one color or material type.

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Product Features

  • Two different manifolds that create one finished part
  • Increased product functionality and improved appearance
  • Compact stack height
  • Evenly heated system with enclosed manifold for balance melt flow
  • Internal wiring for maximum protection
  • Water cooled plates
  • Replaceable heating elements covered with aluminum reflector plates on manifolds
  • Double-ended guide pins included to protect components from clamp plate installation and misalignment

Product Benefits

  • Reduced costs due to two or more operations in one station
  • Eliminates complex assembly procedures
  • Saves time due to multiple parts molded together

Typically used in Automotive, Caps & Closures, Consumer Products, Packaging, and Thin Wall Packaging applications.

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