Designed with independent wirings/sides

Stack Molds
Stack Molds are designed with two electrical boxes that control the heaters on each side – the moving half and the stationary half. The sprue bar is accessible and removable from the face which makes transporting, maneuvering, and maintaining the mold easier. Production can be doubled by distributing the melt into two molds thereby reducing the price per part cost. Flat parts are typically better suited for stack molds than are deep core parts because of the machine opening stroke and the increased mold height of a stack mold. Nozzle sizes and gate styles are available to produce a wide variety of part sizes.

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Product Features

  • Compact stack height
  • Independently wired plates for easy access
  • Hot Runner components sealed and fully protected
  • Removable Sprue Bar for maintenance
  • Sprue Bar fitted with Shut Off Device
  • Increased output efficiency due to doubling capacity
  • Fully enclosed balanced manifold
  • Balanced melt flow
  • Replaceable heating elements covered with aluminum reflector plates on manifolds
  • Double-ended guide pins included to protect components from clamp plate installation and misalignment
  • Water cooled plates with an optional water manifold, one line-in and one line-out, for quick setup upon request

Product Benefits

  • Stack molding requires less space
  • Save time and money by producing multiple parts simultaneously
  • Use same size machine with only a 10-20% increase in tonnage to offset force applied by machine nozzle to sprue bar
Typically used in Caps & Closures, Consumer Products, Packaging, and Thin Wall Packaging application pages

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