Completely pre-wired Hot Halves

Single Face Molds
Our Single Face Molds, also known as Hot Halves, offer the most cost-efficient way to integrate the hot runner system into an injection mold. The Single Face Molds are wired for the specified nozzles, manifold heater, and thermocouple for a trouble-free startup and maintenance friendly performance. The Single Face Mold is easy to operate and maintain with internal wiring for maximum protection. Available with a range of nozzle sizes and gate styles.

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Product Features

  • Fully enclosed balanced manifold
  • Evenly heated system
  • Balanced melt flow
  • Internal wiring for maximum protection
  • Water cooled plates
  • Hot Runner components sealed and fully protected
  • Replaceable heating elements covered with aluminum reflector plates on manifolds
  • Double-ended guide pins included to protect components from clamp plate installation and misalignment

Product Benefits

  • Plastic parts are not overpacked or remain short
  • All parts produced would be uniform
  • Plates do not overheat and expand. Maintaining internal temperatures
  • Protects internal channels and wiring within system from leakage – reducing downtime
  • Designed for easy interface with mold
Can be used in AutomotiveCaps & Closures, Consumer ElectronicsConsumer ProductsMedicalPackaging, and Thin Wall Packaging applications.

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