Marion Cox

Thank you for the GREAT customer service you’ve given us.  Just in case no one has told you (yet), you are the Best!

Fred Masanek

The filtering nozzle has been working. No clogging tips – GOOD JOB!

Tom Ries

We were running our mold at 50% scrap rate but with the use of the wonderful nozzles by MDI we are down to 5% scrap only!

Russell Westergaard Jr.

We have run the mold several times and the tip performs well. While we only have a few hours of runtime on this part, it seems you have found the solution for us. We have been kicked off on the

John Tipton

We re-tested the “LCP connector” mold which has the special nozzle from MDI. The nozzle performed perfectly and we achieved perfect parts. Your advice was absolutely correct and I thank you for the help. I declare this nozzle to be

Bill Martz

The eight cavity mold from Melt Design was a custom tool built back in 2000. This tool runs 24x7x365 and has produced more than 40,000,000 pieces to date. The material we run is S.A.N. The MDI system has proven to be

John Tauber

A balance test was performed on the 2 x24 70mm spout hot runner manufactured by MDI. The calculations show that the system is 97% balanced with all tips at the same temperature.