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Power Point Nozzles / Multi-Gate Nozzles

38 = FLAT T = Topless
50 = 1/2" Radius F = Full Body
75 = 3/4" Radius R = Through
68 = O-ring S = Sprue

Complete part # using (BODY)‐(HEAD STYLE)(TIP STYLE*). Example: PS1040‐50T. *Note: Style may not apply to your specific nozzle, if so leave blank.

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*NOTE: Standard nozzles come with needle, end cap, 36” leads and a pre-installed thermocouple

Sprue Bushings

MB-Solid Tip Style

50 = 1/2" Radius
75 = 3/4" Radius
68 = O-ring

Complete part number using (BODY)-(HEAD STYLE)*.

*Note: Add suffix “ES” to the part number if extra stock is required. Example: MB1075-50ES

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*Note: Sprue bushings come standard with 30” armor, 36” leads, pre-installed thermocouple, no extra stock and a small orifice pre-drilled.


*If yes, please provide a detailed drawing of machining requirements to sales@meltdesign.com

RB-Replaceable Tip Style

50 = 1/2" Radius T = Topless
75 = 3/4" Radius F = Full Body
68 = O-ring S = Sprue

Complete part # using (BODY)‐(HEAD STYLE)(TIP STYLE). Example: RB1047‐50T.

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*Note: RB series sprue bushings come standard with 30” armor, 36” leads, needle, end cap and a pre-installed thermocouple

Machine Nozzles

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Filter Nozzles

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*Note: Filter nozzles come complete with band heaters, thermocouple, filter and tip

Dual Stage Filter Device

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Sprue Bar Shut Off Device

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* Please provide a detailed drawing of the sprue bar to sales@meltdesign.com

Other/Spare Parts

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Hot Half

*Required: Sketch, Drawing or Model of Hot Half layout required for completed quote. Please provide a detailed drawing to sales@meltdesign.com

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