Equatemp Molding Machine Nozzle

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L Part No Watts Volts
6.00 MN124-6.00 700 240V
8.00 MN124-8.00 800 240V
10.00 MN124-10.00 1000 240V
12.00 MN124-12.00 1250 240V
13.00 MN124-13.00 1400 240V
14.00 MN124-14.00 1500 240V

Product Features

  • Internally Heated – The heaters are encapsulated within the nozzle body.
  • Longer Life – The Ceramic Insulator is compacted near its theoretical limits, it ensures the highest heat transfer rate, and maximizes heater life.
  • Thermocouple Well – A replaceable thermocouple is located at the tip for accurate temperature reading.
  • Repairable Leads – The leads can be repaired if they are physically damaged.
  • Replaceable Tips – The tips are replaceable if they are ever damaged.
  • Size – Offered in various lengths and threaded and sized to your Molding Machine.
  • Durability – The nozzle body is made from heat treated H-13 tool steel for optimum durability.
MN124 Machine Nozzle