Temperature Controllers

Today’s demanding molding applications require a hot runner controller that you can rely on for precision control, ease of use, and day-to-day reliability. You’ll find our touch screen controllers are a dream to use. Reliability and ease of use have been designed in from the start, with software that is intuitive and easy to use. It has all the tools you need to take control and gain a better understanding of what is happening inside the mold. The modular electronics make fault diagnosis much simpler, with all circuitry on plug in cards, available in various current ratings to match your application.


Controller Features

Out of the box user friendly:

  • Intuitive touch screen with adjustable viewing angle
  • Automatic tool diagnostics feature ensures optimal hardware configuration and performance
  • Modular cards

Optimizes the performance of any Hot Runner system:

  • Unique low voltage soft-start method maximize heater life
  • Uniform start-up feature for reduced scrap and energy usage
  • Proprietary adaptive auto-tuning control algorithm
  • Phase angle or burst firing models (time proportional, zero-crossing)

High quality, robust design:

  • Compact solid metal enclosure
  • On-board heater and thermocouple fuses
  • Portable stand available

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Controller Series

MDi offers two series of controllers. The TempMaster M1 Series is offered in two sizes, and the M2 Series which is available in 5 sizes. Both will provide you with maximum injection molding performance.

Hot Runner Systems made in U.S.A.

MDi is a world-leading American manufacturer of Hot Runner systems and components with the capability to develop custom and innovative solutions for plastics Injection Molding. Established in 1984, MDi continues to offer experience in the design and manufacturing of complete, internally heated and balanced precision Hot Runner systems, Valve Gate systems, Sprue Bushings, Molding Machine nozzles, Filters, and MDi’s unique system products and controls. All of our components are in-house designed and manufactured in our facility at St. Charles, IL, with a focus on quality and reliability.