Equatemp® Molding Machine Nozzle

Melt Design, Inc.’s patented, Equatemp® internally heated Molding Machine nozzles are built to provide high performance, precise temperature control and will resist burning out. A key feature includes use of ceramic-insulated resistance wire that’s been compacted to ensure the highest possible heat transfer rate, resulting in a longer heater service life. With this nozzle, the temperature of the material is perfectly controlled because the thermocouple is placed at the tip and this ensures flawlessly molded parts. The nozzle body is made from heat treated H-13 tool steel for optimum durability.


Product Features

  • Internally Heated – The heaters are encapsulated within the nozzle body.
  • Longer Life – The Ceramic Insulator is compacted near its theoretical limits, it ensures the highest heat transfer rate, and maximizes heater life.
  • Thermocouple Well – A replaceable thermocouple is located at the tip for accurate temperature reading.
  • Repairable Leads – The leads can be repaired if they are physically damaged.
  • Replaceable Tips – The tips are replaceable if they are ever damaged.
  • Size – Offered in various lengths and threaded and sized to your Molding Machine.
  • Durability – The nozzle body is made from heat treated H-13 tool steel for optimum durability.
MN124 Machine Nozzle

L Part No Watts Volts
6.00 MN124-6.00 700 240V
8.00 MN124-8.00 800 240V
10.00 MN124-10.00 1000 240V
12.00 MN124-12.00 1250 240V
13.00 MN124-13.00 1400 240V
14.00 MN124-14.00 1500 240V

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Internally Heated vs. Externally Heated Nozzles

Besides the internally heated Hot Runner nozzle, there is another product available that is just as unique: the internally heated Machine Nozzle, which shares many of the same features. The entire unit is fully sealed. The heater and replaceable internal thermocouple is located directly behind the nozzle tip, which ensures an accurate melt temperature reading.
While there is little, if any, need for replacement parts when using an internally heated Hot Runner nozzle, in the rare instance that the thermocouple does fail, it can be quickly and easily changed out while the heating element remains intact — definitely a savings in time and cost. This is not possible with some styles of externally heated nozzles, as too often the entire coil must also be replaced.
Spectrum Plastics Group experienced the benefits of using internally heated Machine Nozzles on a project that had been problematic. Senior Project Engineer Tom Ries explains: “We had an application with a high end industrial product that had both high visual and dimensional demands. We were running around 30 percent fall-out, molding a wide spec resin that our customer required us to use. We had already tried using a cold runner mold and then a hot sprue with no success. I knew about internally heated nozzle bodies, but had never tried them. We installed one of them on the molding machine and our scrap rate dropped to less than 5 percent. That’s a huge difference and it gave us absolute control over the heat in the material, which had been problematic until these nozzles were used. It worked smoothly and our technicians, who previously had to deal with uneven heating of the material, could let the mold run without daily adjustments, saving valuable downtime. The internally heated Machine Nozzles are expensive compared to standard Machine Nozzles with band heaters, but they are worth it when you look at the savings in material and processing time.”
Whether one is looking to cut costs, reduce material waste and downtime or produce more quality parts, internally heated Hot Runner nozzles and Machine Nozzles offer a clear-cut solution.

Hot Runner Systems made in U.S.A.

MDi is a world-leading American manufacturer of Hot Runner systems and components with the capability to develop custom and innovative solutions for plastics Injection Molding. Established in 1984, MDi continues to offer experience in the design and manufacturing of complete, internally heated and balanced precision Hot Runner systems, Valve Gate systems, Sprue Bushings, Molding Machine nozzles, Filters, and MDi’s unique system products and controls. All of our components are in-house designed and manufactured in our facility at St. Charles, IL, with a focus on quality and reliability.