Dual Stage Filter

The Dual Stage Filter Device protects the Hot Runner system and mold by avoiding clogging and/or damage caused by metal pieces accidentally introduced to the injection molding machine.
The device is mounted between the extruder barrel and the Molding Machine nozzle. Its unique design allows for two separate melt pathways: one path during injection, where the melt is filtered in two stages and homogenized through a series of decreasing-in-size grooves and openings; and via a separate path during decompression.

Decompression occurs with virtually “zero” pressure drop, allowing for a faster and easier decompression cycle. In addition, during decompression, filtered debris will be bypassed and remain trapped and undisturbed, as the melt follows a separate pathway. There are no springs or components to “stick” or clog up and the filter can routinely be cleaned up, if needed, by simply removing the adapter and purging.


Product Features

  • Decompression occurs with “zero pressure drop”
  • Two-stage filtering during injection
  • Homogenization and mixing of the melt, for uniform color and temperature distribution
  • Two separate melt pathways
  • Filtered debris is bypassed during decompression
  • Easy cleanup
Download Brochure  DSFD Dual Stage Filter Device

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