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Want to Make Plastic Injection Molding More Efficient? Rely on Shut-Off Nozzles

Optimizing your injection molding processes is on the mind of every global plastics manufacturer. When you want to streamline your operations, utilizing a variety of hot runner nozzles in conjunction with injection molding valve gates for plastic injection molding can change the game.

Shut-off nozzles are just one way that plastics manufacturers can improve the efficiency of their operation. Here’s what you should know about this innovative product.

Shut-off nozzles: The Basics

Shut-off nozzles will streamline your injection molding processes by stopping issues with drooling and stringing. This is essential in multi-shot jobs where the nozzle must back away with each plastic mold delivery. It’s thanks to this product that processes are simplified and user safety is ensured.

These nozzles can be self-controlled or externally actuated to give you the best in control over your plastic molding.

Self-controlled nozzles

Self-controlled nozzles utilize pressure to close the nozzle opening in order to prevent issues with stringing. Once the injection pressure increases enough to push the needle head against an internal spring, the nozzle will open, allowing the flow of plastic. Once this pressure recedes, the nozzle orifice will automatically close. This ensures your operations are not delayed, even if you don’t have an employee monitoring the nozzle at all times.

However, it’s essential that these nozzles are long-lasting and reliable. They need to be manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure they can withstand high temperatures. Otherwise, the one million plastics manufacturing employees working in the United States might be put at risk. Paired with injection molding valve gates, you can achieve a greater system in your manufacturing plant.

Externally actuated nozzles

An externally actuated nozzle is operated via an external force. They are typically controlled by an employee or electronic system that runs on a timer. After all, if the nozzle isn’t opened and closed at the correct intervals, pressure could build to extremes. This is a great option for specific operations that don’t rely on melt pressure as a gauge of plastic molding.

Externally actuated nozzles come in three primary forms: a needle, a bolt, and a rotary. The needle relies on back and forth movement to prevent drooling when the nozzle delivers a shot of plastic. The bolt relies on a nozzle with a single melt channel featuring a shut-off bolt stationed perpendicularly to the channel. This is great for larger plastic manufacturing processes where drooling is less of an issue. Rotary nozzle types rely on misalignment to stem the flow of plastics within the main channel. In order to stop the flow, the bolt cavity misaligns from its direct alignment when an actuator rotates the assembly.

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