molding machine nozzles

The Nozzle That Makes The Machine

Plastics injection molding is abundant, happening in all 50 U.S. states at once, creating nearly 16,000 facilities in America. Molding machine nozzles may be one of the smaller parts of the machine, but it is also the gateway for a smooth running machine.

Plastic injection molding can go wrong at the drop of a hat if you have the wrong nozzle. Molding is about mass production, producing a product efficiently. Efficiency requires a machine that is working at full capacity and having the right nozzle is one way to ensure everything is operating as smoothly as possible. Here are a few quick tips to finding the nozzle that is right for you.

Hot Runner Systems Create Smooth Production

Using a hot runner nozzle is one way to optimize the capabilities of your machine by running smoothly with fewer blockages. A hot runner nozzle can improve efficiency, increase molding flexibility, work quicker and with a more even flow. The heated nozzle transfers heat to the material efficiently without overheating and ruining the material.

Filter Nozzles Are Great For Reducing Production Time

If you are looking to optimize production by reducing the time it takes, consider a filter nozzle for injection molding. A filter nozzle is created to stop malfunctions before they start by filtering out any material with deformities. By filtering it out, the machine can run with fewer glitches ensuring faster production time.

Consider a Shut-Off Nozzle to Reduce Waste

This is the way to go if waste is a big concern. There is no more frustrating way to lose money than to have it leak out between molds and become useless. A shut-off nozzle automatically shuts off between molds, saving your resources and making the machine run a little more efficiently.

There are just three ways to optimize your production by having the right kind of nozzle. Consider what matters most to your business, and consider an investment in something that will save you money in the long run. Plastics injection molding is a widely used form of mass production, but it only works if your machine is running as efficiently as possible.