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Choosing the Best System for Plastic Molding Machinery

A third of the world’s plastic is produced by the United States, much of which is created with plastic injection molding machines. Businesses and corporations rely on these machines to mold and mass-produce plastic products. Let’s dive into the various systems these machines can have and what that means for their operation.

How to choose between different systems

Each variant of an injection molding machine contains a set of heaters, such as hot runner systems, which will melt the plastic into the chosen mold. They are assisted by sprue bushings and machine nozzles, which guide the melted plastic into the mold to fill it up. Hot runner systems significantly speed up production for maximum efficiency and help reduce the amount of energy necessary.

Valve gate systems are used to stabilize the plastic injection machine from external environmental factors. These can include things like the fluctuation of temperature in the processing area. Valve gating also maintains quality consistency in the finished product, which is ideal for high volume production.

Single cavity valve gate systems tend to operate more efficiently for lower volume production. They produce less waste and utilize smaller machines which will provide you a lower cost of purchase.

Before deciding what kind of machinery you want to purchase for your business, it is best to first recognize what purpose you hope it will serve. This decision will depend on many variables, such as the kind of project you will need the machine for, how much you’re willing to pay, and how quickly you want to make your product.

Hydraulic injection press

Still the most common form of injection machinery, the hydraulic system will likely be more accessible, albeit more costly in the long term. It produces far more power than other options, as it is able to operate using more than 250 metric tons. This might be the most appropriate option if you are producing significantly larger parts.

Electric injection press

These versatile machines run on digital motors instead of hydraulics and can serve for standard projects or multipurpose ones. Electric presses have seen a recent rise in popularity, as they are quieter and more low maintenance than hydraulic machines. They also operate faster and with more accurate output. You are likely to spend far less on buying replacements for individual parts with an electric press.

Hybrid injection press

Hybrids are a marriage of both the hydraulic and electric options, operating with digital motors as well as a hydraulic pump. This machine is energy-saving and produces less waste.

As you are searching for the most suitable injection press for your plastic production, keep in mind that hot runner systems are also a great way to reduce waste and cut down on cycle time.