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Choosing a Reliable Gate Valve Supplier: 5 Tips to Guide You

Close to a million U.S. citizens work in the plastic manufacturing industry. Thanks to their hard work, the market today offers items like single cavity valve gate systems, machine nozzles, among others. Valve gating plays a major role in terms of controlling liquid flow in industries. From outside homes to fields, there are many places where they can be installed. Its knob helps in controlling liquid speed and volume flowing through the pipeline.

Buying the best valves goes a long way in getting value for money. This is only achievable by sourcing from a reliable supplier. But what are the qualities of a good valve gate systems supplier? Keep reading to find out.

1. Cost

The first thing that crosses the mind when shopping is price. Comparing prices can either be done offline or online. Feel free to contact the dealer via text message, email, or voice call. A face to face meeting is always the best. This is because you will be in a better position to negotiate. A physical meeting also doubles up as the best way to confirm quality.

2. After-Sale Services

Buying a hot runner valve gate system or any other doesn’t mark the end of the journey. Most customers look forward to impeccable after-sale service. There are many issues that can arise when using valve gating. In order to keep things running, customers always desire topnotch repairing. A serious dealer will offer clients great deals coupled with excellent after-sale service. This means that the supplier needs to have trained staff that can resolve problems. Great after-sale services offer value for money as some repairs can be free of charge.

3. ISO Certification

Quality products like sprue bushings are usually ISO certified. ISO certification means that a product meets the required manufacturing standards. With ISO, you are almost assured that the dealer will take responsibility for what they are selling. This is because the company has to use precise guidelines in terms of quality and efficiency. The firm will also have no issue adjusting in order to match the required standards. In short, inclining towards ISO certification comes with the best quality in town.

4. Reputation

Reputation is what makes good dealers stand out from the bad. Repute tells a lot about the dealer’s service, quality, and response time. A reputable company is always honest with their clients. This also means that the dealer considers quality a priority. Thanks to the internet, finding reputable suppliers is easy. Checking for online ratings from other clients is all that’s needed. Friends and colleagues that have taken this journey before can also help. As a rule, keep off dealers that seem to rub customers the wrong way.

5. High Sales Ratio

Checking the sales of a given supplier can help you know if they are worth trying out. A dealer whose valve gating systems seem to be a favorite among customers is the best. This is proof of excellent service that will work well for you. High sales translate to products that meet the cut in terms of quality, cost, and other aspects.

Considering the sale ratio of all dealers will help you pinpoint the best.

Maintenance is key to keeping valve gate systems working. There are several ways to go about this:

Tightening the Nuts

Valve gating involves the use of nuts that sometimes need tightening. Nuts keep the wheel knob attached to the post and valve to the pipe. A wrench is the best tool to use when tightening is necessary.

Keep Rust at Bay

Rust is a gate valve’s number one nemesis. This is mostly for valves fitted outside homes. A weekly rust inspection is a step in the right direction. Wire brushes help eradicate rust from the metal. Applying corrosion-resistant paint to the gate valve helps fight rust. Remember that removing all rust is essential prior to painting. The good news is that the market today offers corrosion-resistant valves.

Operating the Gate Valve

Using valve gate systems is a good way of maintaining functionality. Turning the knob keeps the wheel loose and prevents the valve from getting stuck in the pipe.


Lubricating the valve twice a month during winter will help avoid gate valve sticking.