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Melt Design, Inc. (MDi) unveils its new Dual Stage Filter Device at NPE 2012

The device is mounted between the extruder barrel and the molding machine nozzle. Its unique design allows for two separate melt pathways: one path during injection, where the melt is filtered in two stages and homogenized through a series of decreasing-in-size grooves and openings; and via a separate path during …

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Mdi was proudly featured on the cover of Mold Making Technology

The cover image shows the new Anti-Drool Sprue Bar Device specially designed for stack molding. The patented Sprue Bar Shut-off Device prevents plastic drooling, is compact and easily installed even when retrofitting onto existing nonfunctional systems. No internal springs or other components to contaminate. Dual engagement surface action assures perfect …

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Moulder puts MDi Internally Heated nozzles to the test.

Article From: Injection World Magazine

Melt Design, Inc. (MDi) says that its internally heated moulding machine nozzle combine accurate temperature control and long, dependable heater life, helping reduce to material costs and maintenance down time.  Spectrum Plastic Group, an injection moulding company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, decided to put the …

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