Moulder puts MDi Internally Heated nozzles to the test.

Melt Design, Inc. (MDi) says that its internally heated moulding machine nozzle combine accurate temperature control and long, dependable heater life, helping reduce to material costs and maintenance down time. Spectrum Plastic Group, an injection moulding company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, decided to put the claims to the test. The moulder was faced with a difficult moulding project that was creating excessive maintenance and material waste costs. Tom Ries, who is senior project engineer at Spectrum’s Minneapolis plant, described the challenging project: “We had an application with a high end industrial product that had both visual and dimensional demands. When we first approached MDi, we were running 30% fallout, moulding a wide spec resin that our customer required us to use”.

He adds: “We had already tried utilizing a cold runner mould, and then when that didn’t work we went to a hot sprue with no success and we really did not see any gains by doing that.” Reis says that he heard of Melt Design’s internally heated nozzle bodies, but had never used them. He decided to give the nozzles a try. “We installed one of them on the moulding machine and our scrap rate dropped to less than 5%,” he says. “That’s a huge difference and it gave us absolute control over the material, which had been problematic until the Melt Design nozzles were used. It worked smoothly and our technicians, who previously had to deal with uneven heating of the material, could let the mould run without daily adjustments, saving valuable downtime.” Ries acknowledges that Melt Design’s internally heated machine nozzles are expensive compared to standard nozzles with band heaters, but he maintains the benefits have outweighed the cost. “They are worth it when you look at the savings in material and processing time,” he says.