About Melt Design, Inc.

Established in 1984, Melt Design, Inc. (MDi) has quickly become a leader in supplying custom engineered Hot Runner systems and components to the plastics industry. When it comes to Hot Runner systems, your requirements are unique. So are our solutions.

We are proud to be a valued supplier for the mold making and thermoplastic processing industry.

MDi has been providing superb quality and unprecedented value as a supplier of cutting edge technology to the plastic industry.

Why Choose Melt Design, Inc.?

Melt Design, Inc. is proud to be an American Manufacturer. Our company differentiates itself with built-in value. MDi’s simplified products/assemblies benefit customers by greatly reducing the need to replace components due to short life or other breakdown reasons.

“Value” – Manufacturing techniques that over time have helped reduce overall production costs providing our customers with more value with their hot runner systems

  • – Product longevity resulting in no spare part stocking
  • – No time delay, no hot and cold spots, no air gaps
  • – Uniform heat transfer creates better results
  • – One piece steel nozzle design provides better control

“Versatility” – Our Power Point® nozzle design along with our low profile Ultraflow™ Hot Runner system provides the necessary flexibility to retrofit existing injection molds

  • – Fully encased heating element and thermocouple are protected
  • – Internally heated failure resistance nozzles
  • – Competitive products

“Support” – Whether it’s on or off-site, MDi is there for you. In addition to technical support, MDi carries a full inventory of Hot Runner components

  • – Immediate response to customers needs
  • – Warranty provided